One Rooted Green Queen Tree Collard Plant


NEW in 2024! One Rooted Green Queen Tree Collard Plant in a 2 inch pulp pot. Green Queen Tree Collard is probably the most beautiful green tree collard. Shipped USPS Priority Mail from our Project Tree Collard nursery in Grass Valley, CA.

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Green Queen Tree Collard is a new variety obtained from a Southern California customer in 2021. After 2 years of growing it in Grass Valley, Green Queen has endured 2 feet of snow and hot dry summers alike. It has done well without fertilizer of any kind. It blooms in the spring in Grass Valley, but in Southern California it hasn’t bloomed in the last 8-10 years.

One of the main distinguishing characteristics of this perennial collard is the wavy shape to the leaves on all but the smallest leaves on very slender branches. The waviness might diminish a bit on the oldest, largest leaves at the bottom. There also can be a minor, shallow toothy edge to the leaf.

The white veins are quite pronounced, unlike many tree collards. The bright green leaves can reach at least ten or twelve inches in length not including the stems.

Plants can be easily kept to 3 or 4 feet in height, but can reach up to 6 feet tall in some gardens.

Green Queen Tree Collards are perennial in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7 A and 7B. It has thrived in Grass Valley, CA where it snows lightly in winter and gets up to 115 degrees in July and August.

Please be mindful of your local weather conditions when ordering. We cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or get fried in the mail. If there is a defect with your order please take a photo of your plants immediately and contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment.

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