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We are pleased to offer an exciting newish variety of perennial kale, “Dinosaur Tree Collards.” They are a seedling from a cross of a purple tree collard and dinosaur kale plant (lacinato kale), originally developed by Rebecca Newburn of Richmond Grows seed lending library. Their growth habit is similar to tree collards, forming branches as opposed to traditional kale which usually grows a single stalk. The leaves look more like lacinato kale than tree collards. They are slightly tougher than lacinato kale and slightly less crinkly. Their taste is somewhere in between lacinato kale and purple tree collards.

We have grown them as a perennial for five years in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have mild winters never getting below 25° F. We are uncertain of their cold tolerance until we receive more information from customers in colder climates, but it is probably around 20° F. In the spring they go to seed with the rest of the annual brassicas in the garden, but then rebound in late spring and remain very productive from mid summer until the following spring. While flowering they do tend to get more aphids, similar to annual kale. The aphids are easily washed off with a hose. 

We find them somewhat milder than purple tree collards and they blend with other flavors more subtly.

We sell Dino Tree Collards individually, or occasionally in boxes of 3. It is a young plant in a 2.5″ peat container. Some of the leaves may arrive slightly wilted from shipping but they should perk up in a day or two. 

We generally ship on Tuesdays and you should receive your plant(s) approximately three-four days after they are shipped. Please be mindful of your local weather conditions when ordering. Your young plant(s) may be damaged by freezing or hot weather. We cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or get fried in the mail. If there is a defect with your order due to our packaging or a long delay from the post office please take a photo of your plants immediately and contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment.

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