30 Dinosaur Tree Collard Seeds


We saved the seeds from the Dinosaur Tree Collard plants in June 2021. They come in packages of approximately 30 seeds and can be shipped in both the US and internationally.

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We saved the seeds from the Dinosaur Tree Collard plants in June 2021. They come in packages of approximately 30 seeds and come with an information sheet enclosed. They can be shipped to the US or Internationally.

The Dinosaur Tree Collard is a very rare variety of perennial tree collard/kale. They are a seedling from a cross of a Purple Tree Collard and a dinosaur kale plant (lacinato kale), originally developed by Rebecca Newburn of Richmond Grows seed lending library. Their growth habit is similar to tree collards, forming branches as opposed to traditional kale which usually grows a single stalk. The leaves look more like lacinato kale than tree collards. They are slightly tougher than lacinato kale and less crinkly.

We have grown them as a perennial for five years in the California Bay Area where we have mild winters never getting below 25° F. It is cold tolerant to around 20° F for short periods of time. They also seem to tolerate hotter climates. In the spring they go to seed with the rest of the annual brassicas in the garden, but then rebound in summer and remain very productive from summer until the following spring.

These seeds will NOT be true to type (identical to the parent plant) due to cross-pollination with other brassicas on the farm. If you want to grow Dinosaur Tree Collards identical to the ones we sell, please purchase cuttings or rooted plants. (they are not always in stock since we don’t propagate or take cuttings while they are flowering). The seed will likely produce vigorous, leafy brassica plants that may be of interest to plant breeding enthusiasts. They flower at the same time as other collards so they may produce some interesting crosses.

Please send a message if you wish to have seeds shipped internationally and let us know your order. We will send you a Paypal Invoice. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery for international orders. Please do your research beforehand to see if customs is likely to confiscate your items. We have successfully shipped to Australia, parts of Asia, parts of Africa, Europe, and Canada, in a regular letter envelope ($10).

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