Project Tree Collard is in its third year of being a small, woman run business. I grew up on a two acre hobby farm in the San Francisco Bay Area with chickens, horses, goats, and my own flower and vegetable garden. I began gardening at age 6 and haven’t stopped since. I began growing purple tree collards 16 years ago on my Quarter Acre Urban Farm. I noticed that anytime the garden was scant on greens, the purple tree collards always were a reliable mainstay. In winter storms, frosty nights, and hot fall days, the tree collards were always beautiful, delicious, and plentiful. My mission is to inspire people to grow, eat, and share these amazing plants.

I have had a 20 year career in landscape design and construction. Heavily influenced by Permaculture as well as Grow Biointensive gardening, I love helping others get more connected to feeding themselves, literally and spiritually. Perennial vegetables and fruits are my favorites because they provide so much food for so many years. Nourishing my family and feeling connected to the seasons, biology of the soil and plants, is one of my greatest joys.

If you order cuttings or plants from Project Tree Collard, the greens are donated to a local shelter, which typically amounts to two large boxes a week.



If you are involved in a school garden or charitable organization and need some tree collard cuttings, please let me know and I will work out a discount for you. Please use the form below to reach Project Tree Collard.

Happy Gardening,