Our Mission

Project Tree Collards mission is to help communities grow food security through sharing information about Perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

sequoiah with tree collard plants

The Story of Project Tree Collard

Sequoiah grew up on a two acre homestead in the San Francisco Bay Area with chickens, horses, goats, and her own vegetable garden. She began gardening at age 5 and hasn’t stopped since. At age 24 she began to study Permaculture and Landscape Design and Construction at Merritt College in Oakland, CA. This is where she became enamored with plant propagation and soil science. For the next 20 years, Sequoiah ran a successful garden design business. During that time, she purchased a Purple Tree Collard for her urban quarter acre farm. She noticed that anytime the garden was scant on greens, the Purple Tree Collards were always abundant. In winter storms, frosty nights, and hot fall days, the tree collards were always beautiful, delicious, and plentiful. She also noticed that tree collards were difficult to find for sale and wanted to make these amazing plants consistently available to people. In 2015, Sequoiah founded Project Tree Collard with with the generous help of her son and partner. Nursery work uncovered her passion for cross-pollinating perennial collards and kales, growing out the seed, and coming up with the best new varieties. She loves discovering tree collards with shorter bloom times, higher production, larger leaf size, good flavor and texture, and aesthetics. With renewed interest in the connection between food and health, Sequoiah studied holistic health and herbal medicine at Vital Ways in Portland, OR. She now propagates medicinal herbs and other perennial plants that complement tree collards in the garden.


Sharing the bounty

If you order cuttings or plants from Project Tree Collard, the greens are donated to the Berkeley Food and Shelter Project, which typically amounts to two large boxes a week.

If you are involved in a school garden or charitable organization and need some tree collard cuttings or seeds, please let us know and we will do our best to work out a discount on those items for you. 

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