30 Jolly Green Tree Collard Seeds


One packet of approximately 30 Jolly Green Tree Collard seeds with a seed information sheet. Harvested in June 2023. Can be shipped in both the US and internationally.

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Jolly Green Tree Collards are a naturally occurring garden hybrid from the Project Tree Collard farm in Berkeley, CA. This perennial collard plant grows 5-10 feet high and 3 feet wide with a naturally branching form. Leaves can grow up to 2 feet long and are a bright to medium green color with lighter stems. They are smooth like annual collards, but much larger. In cooler seasons, the leaves become sweeter and stems can be tinged with purple coloration. Jolly Green is the fastest growing tree collard we offer.

The Jolly Green Tree Collard is most likely a cross between Merritt Tree Collard and Purple Tree Collard. Even though it forms a 1-2 inch diameter trunk, it should be secured to a sturdy wood or metal stake as branches can break in wet weather and high winds. Jolly Green does bloom in the spring but the flower stalks can easily be removed to force the plant back into leaf production. It it is much more productive through the spring than some other tree collards. Jolly Green has a mild collard flavor which is most similar to the annual collards. Due to the flatter leaves, they are a favorite quick addition to wash and chop for deeply nutritious meals.

The Jolly Green Tree Collards are perennial in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7 A and 7B. It has thrived in Grass Valley, CA where it snows lightly in winter and gets 115 in July and August. Reports from customers indicate it has been hardy to 20 degrees without protection for 3-5 days.

These seeds will NOT be true to type (identical to the parent plant) due to cross-pollination with other brassicas on the farm. If you want to grow Jolly Green Tree Collards identical to the ones we sell, please purchase cuttings or rooted plants. (they are not always in stock since we don’t propagate or take cuttings while they are flowering).

This seed will likely produce vigorous, leafy brassica plants that are of interest to plant breeding enthusiasts. They flower at the same time as our other collards so they will produce some interesting crosses. These tree collard seedlings will be more climate adapted than the parent plants.

Please send a message if you wish to have seeds shipped internationally and give us your order. We will send you a Paypal Invoice. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery for international orders. Please do your research beforehand to see if customs is likely to confiscate your items. We have successfully shipped to Australia, parts of Asia, parts of Africa, Europe, and Canada, in a regular letter envelope ($10).

  1. Jay Hill (verified owner)

    I can validate that all the collard seeds from Project Tree Collard have a very high germination rate. I believe I had 100% pop in 3 days under the grow light and could not believe my eyes. I purchased seeds for all the different varieties and they were all the same so do not double seed as it is not really necessary. They were planted in 1 part 1/4″ sifted compost, 1 Part sifted Peat moss and 1 part fine perlite with ~10% worm castings mixed in. Watered them in with Organic AG Pure Protein 15-0-0 which seems to really help with my germination rates as well, Hope this helps others who are interested in purchasing seeds. -Jay

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