30 Jolly Green Tree Collard Seeds


We saved the seeds from the Jolly Green Tree Collard plants in June 2021. They come in packages of approximately 30 seeds and can be shipped in both the US and internationally.

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Jolly Green Tree Collards are a Summer 2020 introduction and extremely limited perennial tree collard. It is a naturally occurring garden hybrid from Project Tree Collard that appears to be a cross between the Merritt Tree Collard, Green Tree Collard, and maybe even Purple Tree Collard. Jolly Green Tree Collard gets between 6 and 10 feet in height, and appears to naturally branch into a large shrub form. Within the first year or two, it forms a 1 inch diameter trunk. Once the tree collard reaches 2-3 feet in height, it would be best tied to a sturdy stake as it can be top heavy in storms and high winds. Leaves can get up to 2 feet long and are a bright to medium green color with lighter stems. They are smooth like annual collards, but much larger. It is not a big bloomer which means it is much more productive through the spring than some other tree collards. This also means that there are not many seeds available and they will be expected to sell out before Spring 2022.

Because it is a new introduction, at this time its cold hardiness or heat tolerance is unknown. Based on past experience, it should be at least as cold and heat tolerant as its parentage. One can expect it to be good in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7A and 7B.

These seeds will NOT be true to type (identical to the parent plant) due to cross-pollination with other brassicas on the farm. If you want to grow Jolly Green Tree Collards identical to the ones we sell, please purchase cuttings or rooted plants. (they are not always in stock since we don’t propagate or take cuttings while they are flowering). The seed will likely produce vigorous, leafy brassica plants that may be of interest to plant breeding enthusiasts. They flower at the same time as other collards so they may produce some interesting crosses.

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