1 Rooted Laotian Mint


One 2″ Laotian Mint Plant. This rare and favorite perennial mint plant is one of the best culinary mints available. USDA zones 6-11.  Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

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Laotian Mint is an unusual, rare mint plant that is probably originally from Laos. It has a delightful flavor a bit like spearmint but with a more refreshing zing. After tasting, you’ll feel a coolness in your breath. At Project Tree Collard it is one of our favorite mints of all time and is very hard to find for sale. Leaves are tender and smooth so they add a delicious punch in salads. Due to its beautiful leaves, it makes a perfect garnish for any dish and is also wonderful in Persian cuisine such as tabbouleh. Of course it is great in Asian cuisine in everything from salads, spring rolls, soups, rice and libations.

Like all mints, Laotian Mint will send out runners once established so you may choose to keep it contained in a pot. Flowers are white in summer and the plant can grow 12-20 inches high. Mints also are good to plant in a food forest under the canopy of fruit and nut trees. Best in partial or full shade in hot areas and likes regular water. USDA zones 8-11.

Our plants are grown with care in a certified CA nursery without the use of synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Basic growing instructions will be included with your order.

Please consider the weather in your region when ordering. We do our best to ensure a safe journey for your plants but cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or cook in your mailbox. If there is a defect with your order please take photos and contact us within 24 hours of arrival. We hope you enjoy your plant!

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