One Rooted Purple Tree Collard Plant


One Rooted Purple Tree Collard Plant in a 2 inch pulp pot.

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Purple Tree Collards (aka Purple Tree Kale or Purple Tree Cabbage) are a perennial vegetable related to collard greens. They can get over eight feet in height and will continue to grow and produce year after year. They can survive temperatures down to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people find that the flavor of Purple Tree Collards is superior to traditional collard greens. They also tend to be more disease and pest resistant. They are very productive. In addition to humans, chickens and ducks love to eat tree collards- their egg yolks will turn a brilliant orange.

Like other collard greens, Purple Tree Collards are very nutritious. They are high in Vitamins B1, B2, B9, C, and beta-Carotene. They are also a great source of fiber. The greens are delicious.

One rooted vigorous young purple tree collard plant for gardeners who want to skip having to root their own cuttings (which can take a month or longer).  It is growing in small 2″ degradable peat pot. You may wish to pot it up in a one gallon container for a week or two upon arrival, but it can be transplanted directly into a garden bed as well. Basic instructions for growing it are included. Please check out our growing guide for more information and videos.

We cannot guarantee the success of your plants in your garden. Additionally we cannot take responsibility for plants that freeze or cook due to extreme weather at their destination. However, if they arrive in poor condition due to a delay on behalf of the post office or an error on our part, please take a photo and notify us within 24 hours.

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