30 Michigan Tree Collard Seeds


Michigan Tree Collard seeds are the most cold hardy tree collard seeds we offer. They are perennial in USDA zones 5-6, and possibly colder with some winter protection. Seeds come in packets of approximately 30 seeds and can be shipped in both the US and internationally. Harvested in June 2023.

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Ken Asmus of Oikos Tree Crops shared clones of his Michigan Tree Collard with Project Tree Collard. This seed came from his Michigan Tree Collard plants that have been outside for the last 5 years in USDA zone 5-6, and have survived temperatures to 0 F. Michigan Tree Collard is a vigorous silvery colored tree collard that has purple hues on the stems. Flavor is similar to other tree collard plants.

It may be tolerant of even colder winter temperatures than zero, and even if it appears to have died above ground, it re sprouts from below the soil line once the growing season resumes.  Some have hardy enough stems to stay green and sprout slightly above the ground.

Michigan Tree Collards grow up to 6 feet tall, and if given fertile, well-drained soil with regular water can reach 3-4 feet high in one year.

These seeds will NOT be true to type (identical to the parent plant) due to cross-pollination with other brassicas on the farm. If you want to grow Michigan Tree Collards identical to the ones we sell, please purchase cuttings or rooted plants. (they are not always in stock since we don’t propagate or take cuttings while they are flowering). The seed will likely produce vigorous, leafy brassica plants that may be of interest to plant breeding enthusiasts. They flower at the same time as other collards so they may produce some interesting crosses.

Please send a message if you wish to have seeds shipped internationally and let us know your order. We will send you a Paypal Invoice. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery for international orders. Please do your research beforehand to see if customs is likely to confiscate your items. We have successfully shipped to Australia, parts of Asia, parts of Africa, Europe, and Canada, in a regular letter envelope ($10).

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