Three Rooted Green Merritt Tree Collard Plants


This listing is for 3 Rooted (Green) Merritt Tree Collard Plants in 2 inch pulp pots. FREE Priority SHIPPING

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This listing is for 3 Rooted Merritt Collard Tree Collard Plants with green leaves. Merritt Collards are a perennial brassica plant hardy to 25°, possibly lower. We propagated it from a cutting at Merritt College in Oakland, thus the name. The original plant probably self seeded in the garden from the numerous brassica species that all bloom at the same time.

Merritt Collard plants get 4-10 feet high with a strong, central, woody trunk.  They should be planted 3-4 feet apart.  The plants in our nursery beds are now four years old and have produced seeds several times. After flowering and setting seed in the spring, they return to vigorous vegetative growth. The leaves on our plants often measure over 2 ft long and weigh up to 1/2 a pound.

Like other collard greens, Merritt collards are very nutritious. They are high in Vitamins B1, B2, B9, C, and beta-Carotene. They are also a great source of fiber. Highly recommended plant! Your plants may produce flowers later in the spring. If so, let them flower and set some seeds. Then remove the flower stalk and they will resume vigorous leaf growth. They tend to make a very strong central stalk, and are more compact than purple tree collards. The greens are delicious. They can be propagated by cuttings once you get your first plant established.

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