30 Purple Tree Collard Seeds


Rare offering of Purple Tree Collard seed in packets of approximately 30 seeds. Harvested in 2023.

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This is a packet of approximately 30 Purple Tree Collard seeds (brassica oleracea v. acephala). Tree collards are a perennial collard that can grow 3-12 feet tall, forming a tall shrub with a woody stalk. These seeds were harvested in 2021 and germinated over 90% in nursery trials. We recommend planting them as you would any other kale or brassica seed. Purple Tree Collards rarely set seed, so they are rare to find for sale.

This seed is experimental because the brassica family readily cross-pollinates with other members of the family. The seeds are collected from the named plant, so will likely have many characteristics of that parent plant, but they will NOT be the identical Purple Tree Collard. We have made this seed available for seed saving/breeding enthusiasts. The resulting plants will also be tree collards and share some of their characteristics but each of your plants will probably be slightly different. If you find one that you really like, you may be able to propagate it via cuttings to make more identical clones of that plant.

If you want to grow Purple Tree Collards, and reside in the US, we recommend that you purchase cuttings or live plants from us if you want that exact plant. Plants grown from cuttings will be genetically identical to their mother plant. The variety of Purple Tree Collards we grow is superior to any other perennial kale or collard green we have come across thus far.

Tree collards are usually hardy down to around 15° F (-9.4 C) and have been successfully grown in Las Vegas with temperatures of 115+°! Tree collards don’t necessarily need to be staked, but if you want them to grow like a tree, you will need to provide a strong stake such as a T-stake or rebar to hold them up once they reach 2-3’ high. If left un-staked the ‘trunk’ will spread along the ground and send up numerous shoots that grow 2-3’ tall. Both methods work fine but if you are in a small back yard, you will probably want to stake your collards in order to maximize space. The taller the plant, the more likely it is to need staking. Storms or high winds will break branches. This is normal but can be mitigated by staking and pruning your plants regularly.

Tree collards thrive best in the ground but can be grown in large pots (15 gallon minimum) with high quality potting soil. They appreciate applications of calcium, such as ground oyster shell or gypsum, 2x a year, and mineral rock dust once a year for micronutrients. They need moderate to low water and full sun in more temperate climates and protection from hot afternoon sun in hot times of year.

These seedlings may or may not eventually flower. Flowering is not a sign of dying. Not all tree collards bloom, but if they do, you can eat the flowers as you would broccoli. Eventually, you need to let them bloom and set seed. You may not get many edible leaves at that time (2-4 months) As the seeds mature into pods, you can remove them to help your plant go back into leaf production.

For more information on growing tree collards, check out our YouTube videos at Project Tree Collard.

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