2 Large Purple Tree Collard Cuttings


NEW in 2024! Purple Tree Collards are a customer favorite for their nutty flavored greens and their striking color in the garden. This listing is for two oversized Purple Tree Collard cuttings shipped USPS First Class.

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Imagine never having to go to the store to buy greens again!

Purple tree collards are a delicious perennial collard green hardy to 25 F (-4 C), possibly even down to the high teens. They are called ‘tree’ collards because they can easily get to eight or even ten feet tall. They have a wonderful nutty flavor and produce all year long. Most people find that tree collards taste better than regular collard greens. They are a truly remarkable plant. Not only are they notable for their flavor, they are productive, nutritious, resilient, easy to grow, and low maintenance (as long as you can keep up with the abundant harvest!). With just two or three plants you can provide more than enough greens for a small family. Poultry love them too, when fed tree collards the eggs they lay will have brilliant orange yolks. Tree collards are high in Vitamins B1, B2, B9, C, and beta-Carotene. They are also a great source of fiber.

We have heard of people successfully growing tree collards all along the Pacific coast, and South/Southeastern regions of the US. With irrigation they should be fine in the Southwest as well, though they will do best in the cooler months. You could try them in colder climates, but you might have to get creative either bringing them indoors for the worst cold spells, or taking cuttings before winter and setting out newly rooted plants in the spring. Once you have your own plant established you can easily make your own cuttings to produce more plants for yourself and others. Instructions for growing these remarkable plants will be included with your order. You can also find our videos by searching for Project Tree Collard on YouTube.

The plant is in a 2″ compostable container and is two to three inches tall, but should grow quickly. Yours may have one top or be multi-trunked. They will not look identical to the photos and the purple coloration is greater in cool temperatures. Some of the leaves may arrive slightly yellowed from shipping. Basic instructions for growing tree collards are included.¬†For reviews please see our former Amazon listing.


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