One Rooted Walking Stick Kale Plant

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One young Walking Stick Kale plant. Project Tree Collard grows these from seed at their certified California nursery. This rare and unusual plant forms an odd palm tree shape at 4-12 feet tall. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

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One young Walking Stick kale (Brassica oleraceae longata) plant in a 2 inch pulp pot.

Walking Stick kale is the stuff of legend because of the height and towering palm tree like habit. This plant was in the seed catalogs of yesteryear and is starting to make a comeback. Also known as Jersey Cabbage, Tall Jacks, or Cow Cabbage, this kale is said to grow up to 20 feet in its native Jersey Island, with an average of 6-12 feet in our gardens. In the 19th and early 20th century, Walking Stick Kale often grew in the gardens of sheep farmers, who stripped off the young, tender leaves and fed them to livestock (this gives the plant its iconic walking stick shape, because it prompts the plant to grow upward, rather than outward). The long sturdy stalks were varnished and turned into canes.

The leaves are indeed excellent forage for animals, with the most tender, young greens reserved for table use. With its strikingly tall stature it is a standout variety from antiquity that may become a conversation piece with your neighbors and friends. Walking Stick kale seeds were introduced to the mainland U.K. and the U.S., but they never managed widespread cultivation.

Plant 1-2 feet apart with 4-8 hours of direct sun per day. Prefers regular water and grows best in well-drained and rich soil. It is semi-adaptable to various soil conditions.

According to our research it is annual in USDA zones 1-10, but can be biannual or short-lived perennial in USDA zones 6-10.

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