One Rooted Big Blue Tree Collard Plant


Available for the first time ever in 2020.  This perennial tree collard is a naturally occurring garden hybrid.  It appears to be a cross between the Merritt Tree Collard, a Dino Tree Collard, and a Purple Tree Collard.  Comes in a 2 inch pulp pot.

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Big Blue Tree Collards are a 2020 introduction and extremely limited perennial tree collard. It is a naturally occurring garden hybrid from the Berkeley Farm that appears to be a cross between the Merritt Tree Collard, Dino Tree Collard, and maybe even Purple Tree Collard. Big Blue gets between 3 and 8 feet in height, and appears to naturally branch into a mid-sized shrub form. Within the first year or two, wide stalks 1-2 inches in diameter can form. Once Big Blue reaches 2-3 feet in height, it should get secured to a sturdy stake as it can be top heavy in storms and high winds. Leaves can get up to 1 1/2 feet long and are a stunning blue-green color with a hint of pink/purple in the stems. They are crinkly like Dino Tree Collards, but much wider and less linear.

Because it is a new introduction, at this time it’s cold hardiness or heat tolerance is unknown. Based on past experience, it should be at least as cold and heat tolerant as its parentage. One can expect it to be hardy in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7A and 7B.