2 Jolly Green Tree Collard Cuttings and 2 Purple Tree Collard Cuttings


This listing is for those who want a couple tries at rooting 2 different tree collards in one order. This packet contains 2 Jolly Green Tree Collard Cuttings and 2 Purple Tree Collard Cuttings. Our cuttings are shipped USPS First Class from our certified CA nursery.

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This listing is for those who want a couple tries at rooting 2 different tree collards in one order. This packet contains 2 Purple Tree Collard cuttings and 2 Jolly Green Tree Collard cuttings. Starting a new tree collard plant can be easy but it takes a consistant moment of daily attention until the plants have rooted. If you want to skip the step of rooting cuttings, you can buy plants that are already rooted.

Purple Tree Collards are a perennial vegetable related to collard greens. They can get over eight feet in height and will continue to grow and produce year after year.  They turn darker purple tones in cool months and are lighter green in warm months. They rarely go to seed. They can survive temperatures down to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people find that the flavor of Purple Tree Collards is superior to traditional collard greens. They are very productive and tend to be more disease and pest resistant.

Jolly Green Tree Collards are a Summer 2020 introduction and rare perennial tree collard. It is a naturally occurring garden hybrid from Project Tree Collard that appears to be a cross between the Merritt Tree Collard, Green Tree Collard, and maybe even Purple Tree Collard. Jolly Green Tree Collard gets between 6 and 10 feet in height, and appears to naturally branch into a large shrub form. Within the first year or two, it forms a 1 inch diameter trunk. Once the tree collard reaches 2-3 feet in height, it would be best tied to a sturdy stake as it can be top heavy in storms and high winds. Leaves can get up to 2 feet long and are a bright to medium green color with lighter stems. They are smooth like annual collards, but much larger. It doesn’t not appear to be a big bloomer which means it is much more productive through the spring than some other tree collards.

Because it is a new introduction, at this time its cold hardiness or heat tolerance is unknown. Based on past experience, it should be at least as cold and heat tolerant as its parentage. One can expect it to be good in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7A and 7B.  So far it has done well in snow and temperatures down to 28 degrees.

In addition to humans, chickens and ducks love to eat tree collards- their egg yolks will turn a brilliant orange. Like other collard greens, Purple Tree Collards are very nutritious. They are high in Vitamins B1, B2, B9, C, and beta-Carotene and are a great source of fiber.

All of our cuttings are tip cuttings from young, healthy growth on our mother plants which are grown in fertile, compost rich soil. We never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers in our garden. Cuttings are wrapped in damp paper and a small plastic bag so that they will remain moist during transit.

Detailed instructions for growing your tree collards will be included with your order. You can also find our videos on Youtube at Project Tree Collard. Many of our customers have had great success with rooting cuttings. However, we cannot guarantee your success. They come in bundles of 4 because they sometimes don’t all root.

Please have high quality potting soil and some 4″ or 1 gallon containers on hand for their arrival. Tree collards root best in mild weather conditions and will need sun. If your region is hot when you receive your cuttings, you’ll want to keep them in partial shade while they form roots. We have a tutorial here showing how to root tree collards from cuttings.

Please note that while we hope that every order we ship thrives in your garden, we cannot be responsible for cuttings that freeze or get cooked in your mailbox or suffer for any other reason outside of our control. Please consider the weather in your region when ordering. If there is a defect with your order please take photos and contact us within 24 hours of arrival. We hope you enjoy your cuttings!

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