2 Large Big Blue Tree Collard Cuttings


Big Blue Tree Collard plants occasionally makes oversized cuttings that should produce larger plants more quickly than the regular sized cuttings. This is a new fall 2023 listing for 2 large cuttings shipped USPS First Class. Big Blue is one of the most ornamental tree collard plants available.

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Two oversized Big Blue Tree Collard cuttings from our certified California nursery.

This highly prized perennial collard plant grows 3-5 feet high and 2-3 feet wide with a naturally branching form. Leaves can get up to 1 1/2 feet long and are a stunning blue-green color with a hint of pink/purple in the stems. They are somewhat crinkly like Dinosaur Tree Collards, but much wider and less linear. In cooler seasons, the leaves become sweeter and stems are tinged with purple coloration. Big Blue is perhaps the most ornamental tree collard we offer.

The Big Blue Tree Collard is is a naturally occurring garden hybrid from the Berkeley Project Tree Collard Farm that appears to be a cross between the Merritt Tree Collard, Dino Tree Collard, and Purple Tree Collard. Even though it forms a 1-2 inch diameter trunk, it should be secured to a sturdy wood or metal stake as branches can break in wet weather and high winds. This tree collard does bloom in the spring but the flower stalks can easily be removed to force the plant back into leaf production. It it is much more productive through the spring than some other tree collards. Big Blue has a typical collard flavor, which makes it good in any recipe that calls for collards, swiss chard, or kale. 

The Big Blue Tree Collards are perennial in zones 8-11, and probably marginal in zones 7 A and 7B. It has thrived in Grass Valley, CA where it snows lightly in winter and gets up to 115 degrees in July and August.

Please be mindful of your local weather conditions when ordering. We cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or get fried in the mail. If there is a defect with your order please take a photo of your plants immediately and contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your shipment.

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