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All Things Tree Collard

Green Tree Collard Smoothie

6 medium sized tree collard leaves, de-stemmed
1 or two bananas
2 cups frozen berries
Your choice of water, milk, milk substitute (almond, soy, hemp etc.) , or apple juice

Optional additions: mint, tiny pinch of sea salt, chia seeds, almond butter, ginger, coconut oil.

Optional substitution: frozen mango or citrus instead of berries.

Combine ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly! An amount for the liquid isn’t given… use however much you need to get the desired consistency. A cup and half is a good starting point. Enjoy! 

More recipes coming soon!

Please let us know if you have any favorite collard green recipes!

For inspiration here are some recipes we have either tried and are still perfecting or are planning to try in the near future

Tree Collard Chips: similar to kale chips. Scroll down the page for the recipe

Collard sauerkraut: the recipe is at the bottom of the page

Gluten Free Falafel with Collard Greens: We tried this with some success… still working on it.