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Our Guarantee


We guarantee that if kept in moist potting soil with adequate light as per our instructions, at least one of the cuttings you order from us will root. If none of them successfully root, we will send you a replacement cutting for $6 (cost of shipping) as per below.

Cuttings will usually root within three to six weeks but can take longer. If after ten weeks none of your cuttings have shown satisfactory growth we will send you one new cutting  for the cost of shipping and handling ($6). Please send us an email with your name, shipping address, EXACT date of your original purchase, and a photo of your cuttings in the pots that you tried to root them in. We will send you payment instructions and ship a fresh cutting out to you as soon as possible. We may also give you some advice on what to do differently to have better luck. Note that this is NOT a money back guarantee. 

Note that you must contact us no later than four months after the purchase of your cuttings to take advantage of this guarantee. So, please wait at least ten weeks for your cuttings to root, but then contact us before four months are up.

We want happy customers who successfully eat, grow, and share their tree collards.

~ Project Tree Collard