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This listing is for one rooted stinging nettle plant in a 2 inch peat pot. This is a must have plant for homesteading or permaculture gardens.

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Stinging nettles, Urtica dioica, are native to the northern hemisphere. They are herbaceous, quick growing plants, spreading by roots to form a dense clump of ground cover. As they first pop up out of dormancy in the late winter or spring, they are less than an inch tall, very quickly growing up to eventually 3-5 feet tall when in flower and seed. One happy plant could grow eventually to a 10 foot+ wide patch in full sun or partial shade. Nettles are hardy down to around negative 30° Fahrenheit, in USDA zones 4-9.  Great beginner plant, but we cannot guarantee your success in your garden.

They should be cut to the ground and composted in the fall. When choosing a spot for your new plant(s), try to find a spot with rich, moist conditions.  This is a must have plant for homesteading or permaculture gardens.  It is also a great butterfly insectary plant.

Please note, they will sting/irritate skin if you touch the plant with bare skin. Nevertheless, stinging nettles are a wonderful herb/food for the home garden. They can be used in tea as well or sautéed which will neutralize their sting. Can be great in soups, added to basil in pesto-making, and used as a spinach substitute in dishes like lasagne, pizza, and spanakopita!

Nettles are famous as medicinal plants with many uses and nutritive value. We are not going to give any herbal medicine information except to say that if you are pregnant or nursing, or have any autoimmune or medical conditions, you should consult your medical providers before consuming nettles.

Please consider the weather in your region when ordering. We do our best to ensure a safe journey for your plants but cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or cook in your mailbox. If there is a defect with your order please take photos and contact us within 24 hours of arrival. We hope you enjoy your plant!

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