1 Rooted Green Tree Collard Plant


One rooted Green Tree Collard plant in a 2″ pulp pot. Free shipping.

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Green Tree Collards are very similar to Purple Tree Collards except they don’t have the purple coloration and their flavor is a bit milder like a traditional annual collard. They are vigorous plants, growing to 4-6 feet in several years.  However, they flower readily in the spring which slows down leaf production.  They are hardy to around 25° F.

Although they appear similar while young, at maturity, they are significantly different than Merritt Tree Collards. Merritt Tree Collards are bushier, have much larger leaves (up to 2+ feet long), have fatter stalks, and darker green leaves.  Merritt Tree Collards also bloom less in the spring, whereas green tree collards typically bloom for 4 months from Spring into early Summer. They are both exciting plants to grow in the garden.

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