Variegated Tree Kale Plant (D’Aubenton Kale)


Beautiful perennial edible and ornamental variegated kale plant. Please see below for full description. FREE SHIPPING

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Update: November 2019: If we are out of stock, we apologize. Please sign back up to get a notification in the future and we will do our best to propagate more.  They are difficult to propagate so we appreciate your patience.

D’Aubenton kale is a perennial variegated tree kale popular in the UK that has a bushy habit and grows to two or three feet tall. The leaves are edible and the plant is suitable for ornamental gardens.  At first glance in a vegetable garden, it does not appear to be a vegetable or brassica plant because it is so aesthetically stunning. It can be cooked the same as other tree collards but is particularly attractive to use young leaves in raw salads or stir fries. It is perennial to at least 20° Fahrenheit and is propagated by cuttings, though it is more difficult to root than tree collards. This plant appears similar to Cosmic Kale, but it is different.  We are selling single rooted plants in 2.5″ degradable peat pots.

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