One Rooted Chocolate Mint Plant


One Rooted Chocolate Mint plant with subtle overtones of chocolate. A handsome dark stemmed form of peppermint with a rich flavor and scent. Great beginner plant.

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Chocolate mint is a form of peppermint (mentha piperita) with some overtones of chocolate. It does not taste like chocolate but more like a mint with chocolate overtones. The chocolate aroma and flavor is fairly subtle. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful form of peppermint with a rich flavor and scent. Great in beverages, desserts, salads, tea, etc. Hardy in zone 4-11. Like many mints, Chocolate mint can spread quickly.  It has particularly handsome green leaves with darker stems in age. Great beginner plant.

Mints in general are herbaceous, quick growing plants, spreading by roots to form a dense clump of ground cover. One happy plant could grow eventually to a wide patch in full sun or partial shade. For this reason, many gardeners choose to plant mint permanently in pots so that they cannot become invasive in the garden. Mint leaves and stalks above ground are damaged by temperatures below 32°, but the roots are generally hardy in USDA zones 5-11. Some types of mint are hardier. To keep them robust, and healthy, they should be cut to the ground after blooming, or in late summer/early fall. Although mints can be grown in full sun, afternoon shade tends to keep the flavor of the leaves much sweeter, with less tendency to bitterness. Most mints are deer resistant.

When choosing a spot for your new plant(s), try to find a spot with rich, moist conditions. Even though they are one of the easiest plants to grow, they are susceptible to pests especially while young. We grow mint under deciduous trees, where moisture is retained more easily and the plants get full sun in winter. Mints also are good to plant in a food forest under the canopy of fruit and nut trees, as part of a Permaculture guild. They are not aquatic plants, but they do appreciate water if they can get it. They can also be better controlled in the garden by receiving little water once established. Harvesting tips regularly, and pulling up running roots will be helpful to controlling your plants in the ground. Leaf flavors are best before flowering occurs in the summer, so plan accordingly for large harvests, as in harvests for tea.

Mints are famous as culinary herbs with many uses from refreshing drinks to baking to salads. The different types of mint can impart unique flavors to your culinary creations. It is fun to experiment with their different flavors in your recipes. The mint flowers attract butterflies in summer and are a great addition to a permaculture or food forest homestead garden.

Your plant will look similar, but not identical to the photo as they look different at different times of year. It may be taller, shorter, bushier, or more sparse. They are rooted in a 2 inch paper pulp pot.

Basic growing instructions will be included with your order. Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Please consider the weather in your region when ordering. Project Tree Collard does its best to ensure a safe journey for your plants but cannot be responsible for plants that freeze or cook in your mailbox. If there is a defect with your order please take photos and contact us within 24 hours of arrival. We hope you enjoy your plant!

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