1 Rooted Mojito Mint Plant


This listing is for one Mojito Mint plant in a 2 inch pulp pot. It is not only used in the famous cuban drink, but is a delightful culinary ingredient. Shipped USPS Priority Mail

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Mojito Mint (Mentha x villosa) is a hybrid species of mint, a cross between Mentha spicata and Mentha suaveolens. A real mojito can only be made with the true Mojito Mint. This culinary herb native to Cuba, was brought back to North America in 2006 by Toronto mojito enthusiast Catherine Nasmith. In addition to being central to the famous beverage, Mojito Mint also makes a great seasoning for lamb, other meats and confections.  An aromatic Mint with sweet undertones, Mojito Mint tastes great with fresh squeezed lime. Grows 24 inches high and spreads around the same. Flowers are violet in the summer. Perennial in zones 5-9.

Our California certified nursery never uses chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

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