Pruning and Harvesting Tree Collards

Tree collards are known as a low maintenance plant. However, if left to their own devices, tree collards will often grow long rangy stalks with just a few leaves at the end. They won’t look particularly attractive and, most importantly, won’t be nearly as productive as they could be. We have put together a video, below, demonstrating some pruning techniques.

Tree Collards at Urban Adamah



To the left is an example of tree collards at an awesome urban farm that have gotten lanky and could use some pruning to increase their productivity.








Tree collards in mason jar on picnic table squareAfter you have harvested your tree collards you can eat them fresh or store them in the kitchen for eating later. We like to store our collards on the kitchen counter in a jar of water like we have done in the picture at right. If you store them like this, you’ll want to change the water daily.