We have an affiliate program to incentivize more bloggers to spread the word about tree collards and help forward our mission of “Inspiring people to eat, grow, and share these amazing plants”. We offer a 10% commission to our affiliates. Each month we pay our affiliates with balances of more than $10 via paypal (all lower balances will roll over each month until you make it past $10). We hope that you will link to our website instead of a site like Amazon- you will get a larger cut and our cookies are good for thirty days. We use the WP Affiliate Manager plugin.   

You can register here.

Please note that we manually approve all affiliates. We will review your website to make sure you are reputable, then get you set up. If you do not have a web presence yet, please send us an e-mail after you fill out the form telling us how you plan to promote us. You can reach us at projecttreecollard at gmail d0tc0m.

Thanks a lot!